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Silver Bay in 60 seconds

The board game is about Silver Bay on Lake George and might just become your new favorite family game. Players surround themselves with pine tree-covered mountains and take the windy road through Silver Bay – a beautiful retreat on the Lake. They explore the lake, walk the labyrinth, visit the ice cream shop, all while gathering resources and trying not to get stranded on an island. Objective: Visit as many destinations on the Silver Bay campus as you can and acquire them with your gathered resources (pine cones). The game is over when all the Destination cards are claimed. The Silver Bay Game could be the next best thing to actually being at the lake.

whats in the box

how to play

Select Action cards for directions on how to move around the board. Plan which Destinations you are targeting and how you might be able to steal those destinations from other players. Use the boat to travel between islands. Any player may use the boat if it is their turn and the boat is on an island with them. If two players on the same island with the boat, the player whose next turn it is can use the boat. Anyone can move the boat, even if they are not on the island with it.

The game mixes both chance and strategy. Players may take Destination cards from other players and move the boat around the board to prevent other players from using it.

When the last Destination card is claimed, count and see who is the winner!  In regular play, the player with the most Destination cards wins.

With advanced play, players must not only land on a Destination to collect the card, but they must also be able to purchase it with the proper number of pine cones. Earn pine cones by landing on a “Draw from helper cards” space and helping out in the Silver Bay Community.

Instruction Booklet

whats unique

This is the only game of it’s kind about the YMCA at Silver Bay on Lake George. Lovers of Silver Bay will recognize the places and activities incorporated throughout the game. But, anyone who enjoys visiting any lake anywhere in the world will also connect with the lake theme.


Summer 2016 – The idea for The Silver Bay Game was born. Creation begins.

Summer 2017 – Lots of game development and test playing

Winter 2017 – Work Work Work

Summer 2018 – Hire designer to create logo and graphics for the game

Fall 2018 – Design game board and cards

Winter 2018 – Print two prototype game copies to continue development and testing

Summer 2019 ­– Continued editing and playtesting

Winter 2019 – Decide to share The Silver Bay Game with the rest of the world through Kickstarter

Spring 2020 – Select manufacturing company

July 7th – Launch Kickstarter campaign

August 2020 – Receive funds from KS and finalize design

September 2020 – Finalize illustrations

December 2020 – Send files to manufacturer in China

January 2021 – Back and forth with the manufacturer

February 2021 – Production start

March 2021 – Production completed

April 2021 – Buffer

May 2021 – Fulfillment start

June 2021 – Fulfillment ends

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